Where do I go from here

I have been quite absent from this blog lately. This is because two weeks ago I decided to take all my nailpolish stuff further and opened a pure nail polish blog in German which you can find at http://www.sullybabenails.wordpress.com . Why was that? I moved my blog from kathatravelling.wordpress,com here because I wasn’t travelling that much anymore. I did a lot a knitting and nail painting and wanted everything to be represented. But as work kept me busy, I noticed that blogging got more and more neglected because showing you little progress in my knitting every week was just not very interesting. But I do paint my nails everyday – or at least nearly everyday. So I decided I should try nail blogging and so far it works just fine. I have fun writing about my nails ( oh what a superficial person I seem to be). Blogging here will go back, but I won’t give up this blog.

Yarn along 29 – new and old


I was travelling a lot in the last few weeks: Two weeks ago I spend the weekend in Leipzig and last week I first went to Berlin and later to Hamburg to celebrate with my family my brothers diploma. And in contrary to my believe that because this involved a lot of train rides, I would knit a lot, I knit not much at all. This is why V-lace top is still not finished. I separated for the sleeves but it will take a little while longer. ..


It will actually even take a little longer because I was bored with the lace weight yarn and decided it was time to start the christmas knitting and cast on for the pattern of choice this year: The Nova dress. I’m going to do three dresses and started with the first one. I ordered Drops Baby Merino for the dresses and just love the feeling. The quality is just so nice. But it is quite a light weight too, so I’ll see how long knitting with this will take.


Reading is on the back burner as well, so maybe more on this next week. What are you knitting & reading? Link up with Ginny and the Yarn Along Ladies.

All my nailpolishes 2014 ā€“ German World Cup Nails 2


We are the champions, we are the champions… And all because of my great fan nails, for sure. You see, last night’s excitement is still lingering so I thought I show you the second half of my World Cup nails today:

  • Round of sixteen: The one and only time through out this world cup when I used essie’s good as gold instead of yellow. I seperated it from the p2 Portugal red and Maybelline Blackout using french mani tapes.
  • Quarter final: ah dotted mani based on this essie tutorial once again with red and black as well as p2 Spain yellow over essie’s blanc.
  • Semi final: I didn’t like my messy flames, but quite a few of you did on instagram. Plus this was the game were Germany won 7:1 against Brasil.
  • Final: When ever my nails were messy, Germany played well. So for the final I decided to do messy nails again. ANd here we are: Germany won the World Cup last night!

All my nailpolishes 2014 – summer nails


Lots of colour in the last weeks when I didn’t wear support your team nails: