Find of the week 44: Protest in the digital age

Today while sightseeing in London we found ourselfs in the middle of a Halloween anti-capitalism protest. And more interesting than the protest itself for me where all those people with mobile phones taking pictures or filming (like me and I think I’m not the first one to report from this protest about an hour later. Mobile internet makes it so quick to talk about it.
Unfortunately I can’t upload the video but will do as soon as I’m home again.

Find of the week 42: Does Facebook change your brain?

This weeks find of the week is once again concerned with the effect of Facebook and the like on us. While I have speculated already about the influence on gTweets about the question: Does Facebook change your brainrammar and the last “Find of the week” was about the link between drug use and teenage social networks use, this week two tweets about an Reuters article got me thinking:

(Reuters) – Scientists have found a direct link between the number of “friends” a person has on Facebook and the size of certain brain regions, raising the possibility that using online social networks might change our brains. Continue reading

Looking for an app: List maker’s notebook

I keep a notebook at work in which I put everything I have to do for every work day. It helps me remember. And it helps me forget. With everything in my book I don’t need to remember stuff. I keep such a “to-do list” book where I don’t cross out but rather highlight things, so I can see what I have already done, at home too (not for every day though).

Doing that, I thought that it would probably be easy to find an app to help me do that on my smartphone too. Continue reading

Social Networks – should there be censorship?

When I first started using Facebook I loved the fact that it made it so easy to plan parties. You just created an event, invited people and with just that one step you could reach many people. Today, with many people using smartphones which give them the chance to be online when and wherever they like, sharing gets even easier.

Is sharing good or bad? Continue reading

4 reasons I’m confused with the new Facebook changes

In the past when I read my friends’ status updates on Facebook I sometimes thought that they must hate Facebook. Most of the time I got updates like: “Be aware of this!”, “Be aware of that!”, “Make sure you change this option in your privacy settings!” or “Turn that off!”. I always thought: “It’s not that complicated, isn’t it!” and anyway “why not stop sharing everything you do”. Now seems to have reached the point where even I find it confusing: Continue reading