Yarn along 48 – Not very decisive


My number of work in progress hasn’t decreased, just changed. This is why I’ll just give you a quick update:

  • The kids dress now has one arm (ok, I’m still one stripe short but that should be fixed quickly). This third dress will definitively be handed over to my MIL next monday.
  • On thenew oversized sweater I only knitted a few rows, so not much new here.
  • But I finished the Lotus hat. And even though my colleague already made fun of me saying it looks like a bathing cap, I like it. It is so nice and soft.
  • And instead of finishing something else, I started new socks. I’m using the Aquaphobia pattern which should help against color pooling. Ok, now the colors are pooling differently. But the pattern makes a very nice and squishy sock, so I keep on knitting.


On the road – technical Prague


“Just follow the kids!” could have been the motto of this day. We decided to visit a museum on our third day in Prague. As we weren’t really interested in Medieval Art or the like and the National Museum (Národní muzeum) is currently under construction, we decided to go to the Technical Museum (Národní technické muzeum). We checked it on google maps and it didn’t seem far away, only 1.4km. But the museum wasn’t on my map from the guide book anymore. And when we looked over to the other side of the river with its hill, we decided to rather take the tram. My guide only named the numbers of the trams that you could take to the museum but no name of a stop and when we took a crowded tram I was a bit nervous. I wanted to leave the tram soon but Michael stubbornly refused to leave the tram. When I asked why he said that there was this group of preschool kids and that they looked like a group going to the museum.

I thought he was joking. But we got off when they got off. I was quite annoyed by then and was pretty sure that we would end up at a playground or preschool when following those kids. Two streets further… was the Technical Museum. For those of you who can’t follow a group of kids: the stop to get of the tram is callled Letenské náměstí. We then queued around the museum to get in. Don’t asked me why we joined a queue. It was long, we waited one hour to get in. Why? We didn’t know. We just decided that a long queue meant that it was worth visiting. And when we finally managed to get to the counter to get the tickets we realised why we had queued: the museum was about 1/4 of the normal entrance fee that day. It was because it was Czech National Day that day, which we didn’t know at that point.

The museum exhibits everything from cameras to music boxes to many vehicles, showcasing the industrial history of the Czech Republic. It was very interesting. We spend nearly three hours there and finally decided it was enough even though we hadn’t seen everything yet. After so many hours in the museum we really enjoyed our walk through nearby Letna park. Within a twenty minutes walk we reached the palace gardens of the Hradzany (Královská zahrada) and from there we could see the castle from the other side. This view is really worth a walk. It is totally different from seeing the castle from the river side.

Now we had time to visit the castle again but this time by day. We used this time to do a bit of a photo safari during the afternoon light. Later we walked backthrough the Lesser Quarter, checking into Waldstein Palace (Valdštejnská zahrada) and crossed the Charles bridge again.

We ended our day, finally checking the changing of the hour on the Old City Market Square. It was a bit spooky with all those tourists waiting for the figures on the clock to move and then cheering when they finally do. Probably a great spot for pickpockets. Do you know those crowds where you have the feeling you really should hold on tight to your handbag? Not my cup of tea to be honest.


It was a really nice three day trip to Prague. But if I went again I would go in summer. It was really freezing even though it was only end of October. But this could have been also my cold.

On the road – All around Prague


We arrived in Prague on a sunday around midday. Getting there was not very difficult even though at the beginning we were trying to avoid highways to avoid toll charges. But when we crossed the border we realised that you didn’t need to pay toll charges for certain routes but rather needed a vignette for certain streets (that are not clearly marked by the way). And as the vignette for 10 days Continue reading