Do I always have to be there? Noise in social networks.

When I first used Facebook I asked myself: because you could follow everybody’s life on facebook: do you have to? And because you follow everyone else’s life: do you have to share your every move with those people too? And it’s of course not only Facebook but everything else. After a while I realised: you sure don’t have to do that! There is a reason why e.g. facebook has filters to show you specific status updates but not others, or that there are lists so you can filter who will get which of your updates.

For me, it’s like that: if someone posts a status update about something very serious, that I would need to react to but don’t, it’s because I frankly don’t take everything serious that other people post left alone do I read everything. I love following other people’s lives, if I have the time. But my friends know: if they want to reach me urgently they have to call me.

But if someone wants to use social networks like Crister DelaCruz, then do so! She is, as she says herself“…the one who “posts a lot on Facebook,” “does the Twitter thing,” and checks-in everywhere…”. She uses it the way that I told my flatmates where I was going, when I went out or why we give each other a quick call when we get back home at night: to make sure everyone made it. But you have to know that. Otherwise that friend of yours that always checks in everywhere is just annoying and you wouldn’t even notice when she wouldn’t do it anymore. At least not at first.

So, in social networks the amount of sharing is variable, it’s something that might have to be specified to others, because they might use things differently because it’s all about coping with the noise.

How do you use updates, check-ins and the like?

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3 thoughts on “Do I always have to be there? Noise in social networks.

  1. Hi Katharina,
    Thank you for your reference to my post. You absolutely bring up a good point that I didn’t address… that the other party(ies) be aware of your purpose of checking-in. It’s terrific that you and your flatmates do that. And we at Arment Dietrich and Spin Sucks appreciate you reading our blog! Danke schoen (I still can’t figure out how to find the umlaut on my keyboard).

    • Thanks for being the first to comment on my blog :-) I was just reading your post the other day about security in social media and it fitted so nicely with my noise topic.

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