Katniss Cowl Tutorial

FINALLY it is ready for you to start knitting! After a long quest the Hunger Games cowl, now called Katniss Cowl is uploaded as a pdf download to ravelry because I realised it would be very very difficult to have it here nicely formated and everything and I guess you would like to print it easily too. Here you’ll find a photo tutorial on how to do the roped collar. And after such a success of the pattern, have a look on a short recap with something like a FAQ.


DOUBLE CORD PART – Photo tutorial

Cut the fabric into 6 stripes of 6cm width and approx. 75-80cm of length. Bind them together and make two braids out of 3 stripes each.

TIP: I wound it around a chair to fixate it and make it easier to work with.

Now bind your yarn mix to the beginning of the braids, take both braid in on hand and start to loop the yarn around the two braid forming an eight. Like this the two braids form the inner cord of the two connected cords, the double cord. Do this until you have enough double cord to go around the neck part.

TIP: it is easier if you have wound your different strands of yarn into one ball.

Now sew the double cord to the neckline of the cowl, starting in the middle of the back. When you are about 3-4cm from the beginning of the cord again take both ends of the  double cord, not yet looped around by yarn, and join them by sewing them together with a few coarse stitches. Now carefully loop the yarn around the joint to better connect the two ends and to hide the joint. When you have masked the joint, weave in the loose ends.

You will find the whole pattern here on ravelry. The first knitters have given me their feedback an a major (meaning one stitch too much) mistake in the chart for the back has been fixed. Yet if you have any questions or feedback, please let me know here or on ravelry.

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