Berlin Fashion Week January 2014

berlin-fashion-week-holy-ghost2-headerI spent last Wednesday and Thursday in Berlin on the Berlin Fashion Week and was able to watch some shows. Once again this is the beauty of doing advertising for a  Make up brand that sponsors such events. I only took my phone with me and it’s not good for that kind of pictures. They are all a bit blurry but well, I’m not so much into fashion anyway. If I know some of those designers then only because I’ve been working for that client for two years now and this is my second Berlin Fashion Week already. And so you just get funny phone picture glimpses and not a real fashion report on what to wear next winter here.

This year I saw Minx by Eva Lutz who had a quite wearable approach on fashion, Barre Noire, the label of Timm Süßbrich with more of a street style approach but quite a few cool dresses and downright horrible men’s wear (ok, if you are into home wear than this would have been perfect). Next was Malaikaraiss, honestly some of the most horrible things I’ve ever seen so you won’t find pictures of that show here. The next day I got the chance to see Holyghost which I liked a lot. Lots of colours and more female looks. Last I saw the Glaw show which for me stood out because of the hairdo more than the dresses. After all those shows all I can tell is that curls or big hair in general are the hairdo for next winter and ankle boots are still a big trend next winter. Actually I was more excited about most of the shoes the models were wearing than about their clothes.

Another plus when you are at the Fashion Week with a sponsor are the all area passes. We were able to spend the whole Marcel Ostertag show backstage. To be honest we didn’t have tickets for the actual show but it was so super exciting to see what is happening backstage at a fashion show that is was actually better to be backstage than watching the actual show. The models start to race to their fitting rack as soon as they are of the runway to be helped into their new dresses which is why all those pictures are blurry. But I actually like the look. It gives a feel about the stressful situation and all those people behind the stage that help making a show successful.

But more than about fashion the shows are about seeing and being seen. Now I’m actually as much into German stars as into fashion so I probably only recognised half of the “famous” people there. But if there are a lot of photograpers taking pictures of someone than this person is at least of interest for the tabloids, don’t you think? You also get to see those models who are only famous because they won one of those topmodel casting kind of shows. And when you compare them to the actual models you notice that the real models are actually even more skinny than the casting girls but the casting girls are far more pretty. Pretty seems not to be a criteria for runway models, just being as skinny as possible, tall and super young. It is quite disturbing most of the time. In addition to the feeling that you want to feed those young girls it happend quite often that I thought that certain dresses would have looked far better on a more female woman – one with actual actual hips and breasts. But it is also a great place of watching all those fancy fashion people. A bit like going to the zoo and watching an exotic species in its natural habitat.

After all two stressful yet once again very exciting days! And I would love to go again in summer (but leaving out the painful stiff neck afterwards).


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