Yarn along 10 – After a busy week

blanket-socks-shawl-headerLast week was super busy. All I managed to do for the Yarn along  was this picture but I never managed to write a post to go along with it… After having survived carnival and off into another busy week I took the time to take at least some more not very good because made with my mobile pictures this morning (even though they might look very similar to the one above from last week). Here is what happened in the last two weeks: As suspected two weeks ago after finishing my Follow Your Arrow Shawl, I had time to work on my other WIPs. First I finished the Baby Blanket. That was pretty easy and quick. Next I finished the first of my My Cup Of Tea Socks and am half way through the second one.


And then I got distracted. I didn’t wanted to start something new and springy before finishing my other WIPs but then this yarn I had bought last summer called me. I started knitting a simple top. But I realised that with my stitch count I ended up having a really ugly pooling of colours and that I would not be able to do a top in stockinette stitch with that yarn. So decided I could as well start a new shawl and developed a simple method to design my own shawl. Knitted on size 7 needles it grew pretty quickly and before I could finish any other project, I had finished the new shawl which I have been wearing ever since because it is nice and fluffy and so colourful.


So the only thing that is still not finished, even though I think I’m only missing a good day of work, is my sweater (which is why you get an old photo again). I haven’t touched it in a week which is really a shame, because hopefully (wheather wise) it is soon too warm to wear it. So why don’t I finished it? I used a method from a friend to turn a none raglan shoulder shaping sweater into a knit in the round sweater. I’m up to the shoulder shaping now and now I need to reread her instructions and probably do a bit of maths here and I’ve been to tired and stressed out when I come back home all of last week and I always think: “It will surely be super difficult to figure it all out. I have to reread all of it first. And I will be super annoyed if it doesn’t work out. I rather leave it for another day and knit something else today.” Sounds like procastination to you? It is. I think I just have to sit down and do it and will be very happy about it but the wool is so soft and light and basically the best thing I’ve ever touched and it will be a beautiful sweater.


Other than that? I’m currently reading “Die Vermessung der Welt” by Daniel Kehlmann which I got for my birthday. It is a book about the two famous scientists Gauß und Humboldt who seperately from each other started measuring and calculating the world in the 18th/19th century. The story jumps back and forth between their early days and the time they are meeting when they are both already quite old. It is super interesting yet neither Gauß nor Humboldt seams to be a very likeable person. They are both portraied as quite strange. I’m not sure where the story will end because I think there needs to be some climax in their relationship but we’ll see.

Joining Ginny’s Yarn along again and asking you: what are you knitting and reading?


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