Yarn along 11 – it’s spring


For this week’s Yarn Along I finally have something new to show you. As suspected in last week’s yarn along post finishing the sweater was quick and easy once I did it. Fitting in the top of the sleeves worked well, I just had to divided some of the decreases onto some more rows and here it is. There is only one little thing about the fit where I miscalculated a bit and these are the sleeves. Two pattern repeats less would have been enough. But by rolling up the sleeves a little bit it works ok. And it is so soft and wonderful to wear. I used 14 skeins of yarn but they were 25g skeins so the sweater weights only 350g which is nothing for a full, warm, cabled sweater. I wanted Michael to take a picture of me wearing it but I guess he wasn’t really focused so the only wearing picture I got out of him was this:


I miscalculated the amount of yarn I needed and had five skeins of wool left over that I went and returned to my LYS. This was a good excuse to go there and go shopping even though a thin black cotton yarn that I had bought last summer was waiting for me at home already. So I started a top with the black yarn that will be similiar to this one. I liked the look but several people said that the pattern was not that well written and I thought I’m not spending money on a badly written pattern when I just need the look to design something similar myself. Actually now that I checked the link again I guess I have to rip back again a little because I only started the lace V in the middle and forgot the side ones… well, not that bad because I made a mistake I was covering up in the first few lace rows anyway and this will be a good excuse to fix them.


But back to my shopping spree. I had picked two patterns that I want to do this year. One is the Coachella. I was already set on the idea to work with a yarn, I had used before, Secondo. It is a shiny thin yarn with silk and it feels just so good wearing it in summer. So I went and got a bright red to bring some colour to my wardrobe.


And then I stumbled over the Pintuck tee and got some wool for this as well. After a long time in my LYS I stumbled over Lang’s Moina, a mix of rayon, acrylics and silk which is so super soft and nice that I just had to buy it. I’m planning on doing a grey body and sleeves (maybe a bit longer than in the pattern, depending on how far I get with the yarn I bought) with a light green front part. After starting to knit it I realised I had to make some changes to the pattern. I’m fine doing short rows in shawls or socks but in pure stockinette with this yarn the short row hem shaping just showed so much (and I tried several different way of knitting short rows) I just skipped it. And as decreases show well in this yarn too I decided to skip the body shaping in the front and back too and do the decreases on the sides. We’ll see what will happen when I get to the upper front pintuck part. Hope this works out better for me then the first part of the sweater…


As for reading I finished “Die Vermessung der Welt” and moved on to another birthday present “Der Seelenbrecher”. After the first night of reading it I had to stop for now. It is too cruel for reading in bed. I’m one of those people who might get nightmares out of something like this. I will try to read it through the day. So I grabbed a nicer crime story. “Ofergrube” is the newest episode from a series of crime stories set in my hometown and it is always nice to read them.

What are you knitting and reading?


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