Yarn along 13 – Busy bee


I don’t know what’s wrong with my job at the moment but we have so much to do. I don’t even manage to blog – not that there was so much special to say. But not even really the usual knit and nailpolish posts get done properly. For this blog post I already started preparing yesterday to get it all done for Wednesday’s Yarn Along at Ginny’s. Because, work load or not, I need some personal time, some blog time at least.


So, what did I do since last Wednesday? I’ve been working on this and that. I knit a few repeats on my V Lace Top and have started the third V already. As this yarn is nearly lace yarn (at least fingering and this is something I don’t even use for socks normally) this is quite a lot. I think it will be very nice and summery once it is done.


And then I fell in love with the Moina yarn again. It is so soft and nice and pretty easy to knit. So I picked up the Pintuck Tee and added several cm. I need about another 8cm before I can divide for the sleeves. I’m a bit scared though because this top’s construction is completely build on short rows. And after my fiasco with short rows on the hem shaping, I’m a bit scared that ít will not look as nice as I want it to look. Maybe I do simple wrap and turn short rows and let the short row show on purpose. We’ll see.


Then, instead of working on my socks or knitting much on my dress, I was drawn into a little side project. I saw a crochet bag in last week’s yarn along which led me to research some free crochet bag patterns on ravelry. I stumbled over the Pull thru strap bag. I liked it. I checked which leftover yarn I could use to make one. I paired several colours and started working .Next thing I notice I’m way in this bag and the one yarn I would need for the whole bag is running out. That was the yarn that was left over from the second try on knitting Michael his cabled cardigan. So I had to frog a bit from the cardigan to finish the bag.


That might sound a bit weird but he had asked me to complete frog it anyway because it just doesn’t fit, again. The finished cardigan has been around here for over a year so I could start it again (for the third time). Now I’m frogging and frogging and straightening yarn since three days and probably for three more days. And then I can start again. This time I will measure one of Michael’s sweaters first, knit gauge, if necessary more than once and recalculate like crazy to make it fit at least this time.


When it comes to reading I’m still finishing the fourth Harry Hole story and started again on the thriller I got for my birthday. Unfortunately it gets creepier and creepier with every page and I’m not yet sure if I will make it through the whole book. I’m a crime story fan, but psycho thrillers are usually too much for me. Plus my main reading focus is on a gardening book. We have rented a piece of land for this season where we can grow our own vegetables. The concept is, that the organisation we rent from has already planted things there. But we can plant some more things. And we have to raise the little plants we get once our “garden” is handed over to us. So we are both reading and collecting information to be good gardeners this year.


What are you knitting and reading?


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