Yarn along 14 – a new pair of socks


Last week was the week of baby knitting and socks. When I first started with the baby blanket for friends of mine, I thought: “Well, I won’t get into any kind of trouble concerning shipping in time.” The gifts need to make their way down to Australia until mid April. I finished the blanket some weeks ago and wanted to make a pair of booties to go along but didn’t. So last week I sat down and finally made those booties and the hat. The booties are great, simple and quickly made and from all the parents that got one so far, all of them liked them because they seem to stay up pretty well. I used some leftover Big Merino Yarn from the Christmas Phoebe Sweaters and decided to make a matching simple baby hat as well. It is super simple with a garter stitch ribbing and then plain stockinette. The pure red should suit a boy as well as a girl, as I don’t know what’s it gone be. And now the little parcel is finally on its way.


Hope the Australian authorities don’t think that any of the three gifts is inappropriate. From my time there I know that parcels can be delayed and some things don’t get to their recipient at all. Like the letter from my great aunt. She included her usual little gimmick, a pressed flower. Now this is a no go. I got a letter with the question if I was willing to pay 40AU$ to have the letter and flower “decontaminated” and then send to me (I wonder what bad bad plant that might have been) or have it destroyed for free. Sorry Tante Carla, but as the letter included a copy of the original letter, I was not willing to pay 40 AU$ for a pressed flower.


Next Michael wanted a crochet bag as well. We settled for a hip bag which would be super practical for his job. I thought he would choose some manly colours, like black or blue or the like. But he looked at the baby blanket and wanted red with colour. Well, what ever he prefers. It turned out pretty ok, I think. I’m not super satisfied with how it looks, but it is ok. I just need to get a different button for it. This red nup looks just too childish. But he has been wearing it, so everything is fine.


Next I decided to finally finish the My cup of tea socks. In the end, it didn’t take that much more time. It was just that I didn’t feel like knitting them any more because it is already nice and warm outside and long socks are a bit too warm. But they turned out nicely. To be honest, I only finished them to start new socks. I don’t have my nice strawberry sorbet coloured Hermione’ Everyday Socks any more. Some weeks ago we went to a birthday party of one of Michael’s friends. It was a great party and the hostess wore super high high heels. At the end of the night, after lots of dancing she couldn’t walk any more and took the shoes of. Now that was when it was still only around 4-5°C at night and we didn’t want to let her walk home barefoot and walk home she wanted. So I offered her my Hermione socks. She didn’t mind that I had worn them until the moment I offered her the socks. At least she didn’t have to walk home barefoot. I don’t think I will see those socks again. We rarely meet her (like once a year or so) and they are most likely torn or at least very worn anyway after walking home without shoes. I’m a bit sad but I tell myself they were my  birthday present for her.


Long story cut short, I started knitting another pair of socks with some stash sock yarn. After test knitting several row in different patterns (like the Lattice socks, the Gentleman’s Matrimony Celebratory socks and the Sinusoida socks) I opted for the simplest one, the Rye socks. All the other socks looked weird this purple yarn. But one day I want to make them all. But I think, first of all the Rye socks will look and wear nicely. I was so absorbed in the socks, I didn’t knit anything else and finished the first sock in one (sun)day. Now I already turned the heel on the second one (I’m using my usual short row heel and not the one from the pattern) and guess I’ll have them finished by next weekend.

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along. What are you knitting?


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