Balcony & Garden – let’s grow stuff


Spring is finally here and I planted lots of spring flowers on our balcony and really enjoy the effect. Now that it is warmer you can stop wearing socks, sit outside, even in the evening and see colourful flowers again. What more can you ask for?spring-on-the-balcony

Plus, as I shortly mentioned in a Yarn Along post, we will have a garden to grow food  in this year. Now we sowed some seeds the last two weekends. While to ones up there on our kitchen window sill (mainly different kinds of basil, some rosemary that I don’t think will grow from former experience and tomatoes) all do very well and have sprouted already after a week, the other ones are still on their way. We decided what else to sow and now there is also a little nursery on the living room sill. Here we have some more tomatoes, peppers, chillies, celery, salad, more basil and marjoram.


Let’s see how they will do. It is really exciting to finally have big vegetables too and not only herbs and salad. Keep your fingers crossed we have something to plant in May.


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