Yarn along 17 – a bit of a break

Yarn_along_17_headerKnitting: after a knitting break for Easter (I forgot all my knitting at home when I went to my parent’s place…), I finished the second strap on the Pintuck Tee and the back. I even started the bib but it looked weird so I ripped it out again. We’ll see next week how this will work out. And I knit a few more rows on my V lace top. Plus I even added some rows to my Recotton carpet.
Reading: This and that. I borrowed Below the stairs from a friend during Easter and am happily reading along now. Happily because I had read a few pages a day of The picture of Dorian Gray for ages on my ipad. Somehow the story has still not grown on me. Which is why I also started reading Anna Karenina. Yes, I save money by only downloading classics on my ipad which are for free…

Thinking: about what to do with me mix up of blog, instagram, twitter and facebook. I would really appreciate your opinions and tipps on what to do with me wildly mixed topics here.

yarn_along_17Linking with Ginny and the Yarn Along ladies.


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