Welcome to our vegetable patch


We finally got our little “garden”! On Saturday we went to visit our little patch of land for the first time. It is a piece of land between other gardens and every garden owner has a small piece of land. Well 45sqm are not that small, I suppose.


When we arrived people were already starting to gather to hear all the the things they need to know to start their vegetable patch. After being explained how some things work we were then asked to mark our patch. They had already measured out the patches and we now walked along our boundaries with our neighbours, marking the border and creating a little paths.


The land right of the little marker on the pictures up to the blue line on the right is ours. It might look small but we got a huge list of things that they have planted or seeded already. Plus there is also space to plant other things too.


Good for first time gardeners they included a picture of the little seedlings in their list. So we know not only where will be what but also what to take out and what to keep because it is going to be our beans, spinach, rocket or pumpkin one day.


Naturally I had to check it out. So on Sunday I could come back and start working the field. There where lots of little branches from the nearby trees to be collected. And our “wish field”, a space of several square meters that aren’t preplanted, needed work.

After-the first-working-day

In the end our first little herbs were planted and I had made some more paths on the land. Plus now I know what else needs to go in my garden box that I packed. Rubber boots and my new thin gardener gloves are great. But I also need a bottle of water for me and maybe some tissues.

my-garden-working-boxWell, anyway I’m very excited (and I guess Michael is just as well) about what will happen here in the next weeks or months. I keep you posted!


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