Yarn along 18 – a new start


Do you remember my popsicle dress? Well, it was just not growing really. I had a pattern stashed that I wanted to do for some time and after seeing Purlrika’s short boxy top and thinking for a while I decided to frog the popsicle dress. So weeks of work got frogged, straightend and reknit. I’m doing a Lattice Top now but decided to take the advice of another knitter of knitting the Lattice part first, using a provisional cast on and am now already knitting in the round. I think it looks good and will be finished and worn someday. So it was worth frogging the dress.

I just have to figure out what I will do with lots of left over grey cotton yarn because I won’t need even half of what I have for this top. Maybe I have enough to do a light cardigan? Any suggestion on a good summer cardigan for DK cotton yarn? I would be looking for something rather fitted than loose. Lace Elements would be fine or some overall lacey pattern. Do you think a Lush would be nice in cotton? Or maybe the #28 lace cardi? I also had my eye on Miette as well. Or maybe Milena, even though I would probably not do too much puffed sleeves. I think I should have enough yarn to do a short sleeve cardi, maybe even 3/4 sleeves. A top down cardi would be great to make the sleeves as long as possible.


I also knitted more rows on my V-lace Top and am ready to split for the sleeves soon. As far as reading goes I nearly finished Below Stairs. It is unbelievable how servants were treated. I mean, we are talking about the 1920s! It is such a simple and yet interesting read. You tend to forget these are memoirs. And I’m still reading Der Seelenbrecher. This psychothriller is really killing me. Super scary.

Linking with Ginny and the Yarn Along ladies.


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