Yarn along 19 – a busy week


For this week’s Yarn along I don’t have that much to show. Yes, I knitted a few rows on my Lattice top. I even did and evening full of lace knitting. Do you remember my Out of darkness shawl? I mentioned in my post about it how now that I know that the lace really looks nicer with bigger needles I felt like frogging my first but never finished lace project, the Tree of light. I did, already some weeks ago and started again. It now looks far nicer and will grow quicker. Anyway, I did a few rows on that.

But the biggest success was that I returned to my Pintuck Tee. After a first unsatisfying try on knitting the bib I started again. This time with the grey and not an accent colour. It worked far better. I finished the left bib but I did something a little different on the right side. So I think I might try that on the left too. This means I have to rip out the whole left bib but that wasn’t that much of work, so it will be ok.  I think, this is one of the most challenging things I have knit so far. Honestly, if you want to practise short rows, this is your project. The whole thing is constructed complete out of short rows. I follow the pattern and it does look good but I think in the future I won’t switch to a lot of short row shaping. I’m still not too good in concealing the short rows. And many things that are solved with short rows here can be done equally well with  casting of over several rows.


As far as reading is concerned, I read the other book that I borrowed from purlrika: Call the midwife. I haven’t seen the series yet so I’m very happy with the book. It is incredible how some people used to live. Neglect and poverty exist today as well, but this 1950s memory it sounds just different.

Linking up with Ginny and the Yarn Along ladies.


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