Yarn along 21 – I suffer from startitis


After a week of absence on the Yarn Along front I wanted to show you what I’m knitting yesterday and then work interfered. Well any how I’m doing it now. and I have a confession to make: I have shopped. I think this is strongly linked to the second thing: I’m really suffering from startitis. Instead of finishing of my nearly finished objects, I buy new wool and start new thing. But lets get through all that one by one:


My Lattice top is nearly done. I’m really only missing a few more rows and then it’ll be long enough. This should sound encouraging  to quickly finish it and yet I have knit maybe 10 rows in the last 2 weeks. I just can’t manage to get myself to knit it and finish it. I should really make myself sit down and just invest those two more hourse and it would be done.


As you can see the Pin Tuck tee is as good as finished too. Here the problem is the following: it is a tiny bit small and short. Not too obvious but just a tiny bit. And I’m not sure blocking will help much with that yarn. And fixing that would mean ripping out at least the sleeves, the bib and the complete upper part. If I want to make it a little bigger I might have to frog it completely. But I think the wool will not survive this as this is one of these fancy yarns where a thin soft mesh surrounds a core of another material. I probably just need to try it one again and convince myself that it is ok and finish it.  And there is a the third project,  the black V Lace top. But this didn’t even see the light in the last two weeks.


Yet I went shopping and this beautiful yarn crossed my way. It is a cotton, polyamid, cashmir blend and the colour is adorable. And it was only 3€ a skein. How could I just not take it? I knit gauges for several days to figure out what to turn this yarn into. Finally I’m happy with the pattern I came up with. You can see a detail in my header picture of this post. I will knit it in one piece and am currently increasing for the sleeves on both side to later knit down the back. It is not as good as seamless knitting but for what I want to achieve it is the best way.

I bought more yarn that day but after looking for a good pattern for this too and not finding one, this yarn is going back to the shop. Good thing because I also ordered yarn… Two weeks ago I sat with my MIL and she said, she felt like knitting again and couldn’t I help her with selecting a pattern. I showed her ravelry. She was so excited. She picked a pattern and I picked something for her grandchildren, Michael’s nieces, to already start the christmas knitting and then I couldn’t stop myself from ordering wool for another sweater for myself too… I just got the information that the big box of wool is to be shipped today.


But if this wouldn’t be enought, we are invited to a wedding in two weeks. And not knowing if the weather will be nice or not but having selected a nice little black dress, I need a shrug to go along with the dress. I wanted it to have a nice summery colour. So I went through my stash and picked a mossy green rayon from a christmas present for my mum two years ago and a acid green silk mix and hope these two skeins will last me enough to make a super simple stockinette stitch shrug. On the photo you see the progress after one night. Yesterday was night 2 and by tonight I might be finsihed. At least something that gets finished around here…


The only thing where I manage to finish things at the moment is books. I moved on to new books as you might have noticed. And I’m already half way through the Donna Leon crime story.  I just love a good story about Commissario Brunetti every now and then. And book no. 21 doesn’t fail to deliver. As a side read I wanted to pick something light. And this Cecelia Ahern looked just nice, pink and innocent. So far I have only read the prologue which was disturbing and two or three chapters. I’m not to sure it will the kind of light read I expected but it seems to be a good book.

What are you knitting and reading?



7 thoughts on “Yarn along 21 – I suffer from startitis

  1. So many lovely projects! I’ve got a bad case of startitis at the moment. I’ve got 5 projects on the go at the moment and really want to cast on another one. Must finish some of these first lol

  2. As a fellow ‘startitis’ sufferer, I’m really trying to rein myself and focus on one project at a time, but it’s hard. Your work is lovely, x

  3. I really love your mesh top! Finish it – you can do it! I definitely know how you feel, though. I am in a perpetual state of starting sweaters and getting close to finishing them before casting on another. We should form a support group. 😉

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