Yarn along 23 – Finally Updates!


I missed last week’s Yarn Along not because I didn’t knit but because I couldn’t find the time to take pictures and write. But this week I decided that I won’t let a huge workload stop me. Saying this I also thought I might make a UFO / WIP list today to remind myself of what I just didn’t finish yet. So here we go from oldest to newest:


The Tree of Light Shawl: This is my first and really only lace weight knit. Really! I started it way back last year and knitted quite a bit.  But it just wouldn’t grow… Then, earlier this year, I knit an Out of darkness shawl and realised that bigger needles not only meant quicker growth but also it showed the lace better. So I frogged the Tree of light completely and started new. Well, I got to an ok size (yes, I know, you can’t tell because is is a super tight wrapped up ball. But I just didn’t want to untie the ends of the cord to show it) and than other knitting came. I guess this knit will take some more time as it is hibernating again and this ok.


The V lace Top: Oh yes, it is still there. Still at about the same height for the last four weeks or so. Why? Well, my startitis slowed it down completely. And then the weather wasn’t that nice and I thought I rather finish the summer sweater knits (yes, plural, but I come to that) first and then move on to the tops. It will get finished, eventually. But first I’ll finish other things!


The Pintuck Tee: as old as the V lace Top but in a totally different stage. Remember two weeks ago: It was as good as finished. I just needed to convince myself it was big enough. Well I tried in on on the weekend and there was no way I could convince myself I would ever wear it in the size it was. Even if I lost about 5-8kg to not have it hugging my body as in super super tight, showing every little bit of fat (and and enhancing my, yes I admit it is there, muffin top, even if I suck in that belly button) it would still be too short. So frogged it. Completely. It hurt especially as when I cast on anew, I realised that I had started the knit in the size I’m knitting now but had frogged and restarted it a size smaller at the beginning because I thought it would be too big. Well, but better this than to knit something that you will never wear, isn’t it? And on the plus side I have figured a way to do the short row shapeing on the hem line I skip in my first try so this is now included as well. But as mentioned, other things interfered so this will take a little longer to be finished again.


Coral Sweater: And this brings me to my new projects. In my last Yarn Along post I already showed you a new project. The coral colour sweater. By now I have already started to decrease for the arms again. It is a one piece sweater so it goes up the front and down the back again. I hope it will be wide enough to fit a tiny bit loosely and not be too short but it looks good so far. This sweater got 50% of my knitting time this week and is constantly growing so I think it should be finished soon. If I don’t encounter a general fault like with the Pintuck Tee, that is.


Harvest Cardigan: The second new project is made from the ordered yarn that Michael brought back from his mum, where the delivery went to, far too early. It is Drops Light Cotton and to tell the truth it doesn’t knit up that well because it kind of splinters into the threads it is made of and you have to be really careful to get all threads when knitting. But the look when knitted is nice. I was wanting to make an Harvest Cardigan for quite some time and looked for good yarn for it. The light cotton finally is it. I didn’t get gauge which is why I simply knit a bigger size to get the right one. The good thing about seamless top down knits is that you can try them on perfectly while you knit. So far I knit the yoke, divided for sleeves and knit 3/4 of one sleeve. It grows pretty quickly. In the first days I knitted about one skein per day. Given that I have 12 skeins I would have finished the sweater in 12 days! But as I knit other stuff, as you might have noticed, this will take a little longer than two weeks but hopefully not too much. After all this seems not too bad considering the number of UFOs/WIPs. One hibernating, one semi-hibernating, one started a new and two perfect WIPs, happily growing.


Lattice Top:   And because I don’t only start things. I sometimes even finish some. First of all, my lattice top. It is quite tight but still ok. But we just took two version of pictures: me standing confortable and me sucking that belly button in. Yes, you get the belly button sucked in versions. I love the colour combination. I’m only still not happy with the bind of. Even though I increased four stitches for the hemline and bound of with bigger needles, it is still super tight. Might have to do that again…


Last but not least two baby pictures. No, I didn’t miraculously have a baby overnight. This is little Lily. The baby I made the blanket for. Her dad gave me those pics and says they are fine if I share them. Isn’t she adorable? And yeah for me that blanket and beanie get loved and used.

As far as reading goes, I just finished “Thanks for the memories” from Cecilia Ahem yesterday and am currently reading a store room find from my MIL’s house: “Ich radele um die Welt” a book from 1953 from German journalist Heinz Helfgen who decided to cycle from Germany to South East Asia in the after World War II world.



6 thoughts on “Yarn along 23 – Finally Updates!

  1. Wow – so many awesome projects!! I am spinning some yarn to use for the Harvest Cardigan. I am looking forward to casting it on but it probably won’t be until the Fall.

  2. Dein Halsausschnitt am Lattice Top ist schöner als meiner – meiner ist relativ nah am Hals, deiner macht nen schönen Bogen. Dafür wären mir die Armausschnitte zu gefährlich – meine waren erst auch so, deshalb hab ich sie noch mal aufgenommen und ein Bündchen dran gemacht.

    • Ärmel gehen. Ich hab es jetzt auch schon mehrmals getragen. Nur hätte ich vielleicht den grünen Teil nicht bis zum Ärmel-Ausschnitt machen sollen. Das ist recht nackig… so im Brustbereich.

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