Yarn Along 24 – slow progress


Since I went to a wedding on friday, spend saturday and sunday at my parent’s and we were hit by a storm on Monday, I don’t have much new to show for this weeks Yarn along. So here just a quick peek: The Harvest cardigan is growing slowly. I have finished sleeve no. 1 and am nine rows away from cuff no.2. Meanwhile my coral sweater is steadily growing too. I have a few more decrease rows to do and then the hemline and then that is it. Only cuffs and collar and then it is done!


As for reading I still follow Heinz Helfgen on his bike around the world. It is weird how so much has changed since 1951 concerning countries, their politics and what is acceptable to write about them. And I started another crime story. This time “Spiel mit dem Mörder” by J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts. From what I read about this series this will going to be a bit weird. It is set in 2059. But so far it is an ordinary crime story.

What are you reading and knitting?


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