Me made whatever


I was so sure that there was a link party called Me Made Monday and I decided to take part for the first time. Yet the only thing I found was Me made Mittwoch (Wednesday) which is fine as well. But as I just managed to get a decent selfie with my outfit I will post it today and declare it n early Me made Mittwoch post anyway.

So, I had a long weekend off: Thursday to Sunday. Four free days in a row!  So I went shopping on Wednesday. I actually decided not to sew anymore. I always start things and then never finish them. But when I saw that there was a 50% off fabric sales at Karstadt I just had to buy something. I bought 1.2m of an undefined black fabric that is stretchy but looks a bit like fabric for a summer jacket. It is an unusal choice for a skirt but it falls nicely and is comfy to wear.


I didn’t use any kind of pattern just a skirt that I like. I pinned the skirt to the fabric, added width on the hemline to give it a wider drape, and sewed. Sewing the sides and the waistband was a matter of an hour. But then I decided to turn up the hemline and sew it by hand to make it invisible. This took hours. Literally. But it was worth it. I think an invisible hemline in nicer on this fabric than and machine seam. I paired the skirt with my newly finished coral sweater. This one is an improvised design as well and can be found on my ravelry page.


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