Yarn Along 26 – finished and new


Last week I skipped Yarn along again because work kept me busy. But this means that this week I have a finished object: the coral sweater. It is quite short but her this works well. It looks great with a skirt. Just check my me-made-post.


As soon as I finished the coral sweater instead of finishing the next WIP I started a new one. For some reason I always liked the Q Socks. But they are colour work. I have never done two stranded colour knitting. I checked several tutorials. It was super complicated. Two strands simultaniously on two fingers, on two hands: I’m not able to do this. Then I found this video. And since then I am able to knit the Q socks for Michael.


But of course I knit on my harvest cardigan too. I’m two and a half skein from finishing. As I’m now on a decent length for a normal cardigan. With two more skeins it will be nice and long, I hope. It might take a while to get there I guess, because the meters of stockinette stitch really bore me. Wish me luck or rather motivation to finish the cardigan soon.


What are you knitting and reading?




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