Me made no.2


This week im going to show you the absolutely freshly finished Harvest cardigan plus a top I made two weeks ago for Me made Mittwoch (and this time I managed to link up as well…).

The cardigan is the Harvest cardigan from TinCanKnit and is a free ravelry download. The pattern is super nice and seamfree constructed and even though it looks long and complicated if you follow it step by step, it is absolutely clear and hassle free. I used Drops Light Cotton which is by the way currently on sale in July and even cheaper than usual. It is a nice looking and nice feeling cotton acrylic mix but it is a bit of a pain the knit because the yarn falls apart into its single strings and you always have to make sure you get all strings together. Anyway it makes a beautiful summer cardigan and now that I’ve seen that it is on sale I wonder if I shouldn’t order some more, just in case… Not that I didn’t have far too much yarn waiting to be knit already…

The top is a half pattern, meaning I had some fabric left over and looked for a pattern I could use it for. I found one in an old Burda magazine. I found it online so you can check it out too.  It was suppossed to be down to mid thigh and the scarf neckline was suppossed to be 1.80m long. Well, due to the amount of fabric I had left and because I thought it was otherwise enormous I made it far shorter and cut the scarf part only as long as the fabric allowed. And I made is even a bit tighter. Yet it is still super wide. But with the polka dots it looks so nice summery that I don’t mind.


2 thoughts on “Me made no.2

  1. Da du dich beim deutschen MMM beteiligst, darf ich wahrscheinlich hier auch auf Deutsch kommentieren: dein Outfit gefällt mir besonders in dieser Zusammenstellung ausgesprochen gut; das würde ich genau so auch selbst anziehen.

    • Klar, darfst du. Vielen lieben Dank für das Kompliment. Trage die Jacke heute mit einem Rock aus dem Stoff aus dem das Top ist. Ist auch super. Ist jetzt schon ein Allrounder.

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