Yarn along 27 – Finishing things


It’s Yarn along Wednesday! I finished another project without starting a new one! Yeah for me. You can see my harvest cardigan in all its beauty in my post from yesterday. It is a bit more on the casual side. But I think that it gives outfits a bit of a scruffy touch which I like. Today I’m wearing it with a quite girlie,  50s style wide, colourful, short skirt and it is perfect.

Other than that I intent to finish the black V-lace top within the next two weeks. There are long train rides ahead of me so I think I’ll get a decent amount of knitting time even though I’ll be travelling. I’m really looking forward to it. And my plan is to not start any new project before I have finished the black lace top. The Pintuck Tee Desaster can wait and the socks are a mere side project anyway. But I already know what I want to do: I bought this red silky yarn way back to make a Coachella and am really looking forward to it. Plus I want to start with my first christmas knit. I want to do this and I plan to check the pattern and translate it into German while knitting the smallest dress first. The translation will then go to my MIL because she wants to join the christmas knitting circle but needs a German pattern to work with.

I’m reading a new book too: Die Schlange, das Krokodil und der Tod by Elisabeth Peters. It is an historical crime story. I’m not too far into it yet so I can’t tell how it is.



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