Where do I go from here

I have been quite absent from this blog lately. This is because two weeks ago I decided to take all my nailpolish stuff further and opened a pure nail polish blog in German which you can find at http://www.sullybabenails.wordpress.com . Why was that? I moved my blog from kathatravelling.wordpress,com here because I wasn’t travelling that much anymore. I did a lot a knitting and nail painting and wanted everything to be represented. But as work kept me busy, I noticed that blogging got more and more neglected because showing you little progress in my knitting every week was just not very interesting. But I do paint my nails everyday – or at least nearly everyday. So I decided I should try nail blogging and so far it works just fine. I have fun writing about my nails ( oh what a superficial person I seem to be). Blogging here will go back, but I won’t give up this blog.


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