Leipzig – Art Noveau in Germany’s East


I’ve wanted to show you pictures of my trip to Leipzig end of June and for several reasons it took me more than a month to do so (one reason is my new nail blog). But finally here are three reasons why you should definitively visit Leipzig:

1. Beautiful Art Nouveau buildings

If you are into architecture and especially Art Nouveau, you will be thrilled here. The buildings are just so beautiful. The houses they build are more than just representative. They are art. And many get renovated just now, so I guess, the city gets even more beautiful. Many buildings are called “Passage” or “Hof”, meaning passage or courtyard. This means you can walk through them. Leipzig is not a feudal but a patrician city. It got big as a trade fair city and you can see that trade made it rich.

2. Lots of history

Leipzig is historically known as the city of the Battle of the Nations in 1813, the bloodiest battle in the Napoleonic wars. 1913 the monument of the Battle of the Nations, the Völkerschlachtsdenkmal, was opened. It is situated a little bit outside of the city center and can be easily reach via S-Bahn or Tram (it does only take about 15 minutes to get there). The monument looked like a dungeon in World of Warcraft to me. Honestly it is quite pathetic and huge and to me didn’t feel like a place to conmemorate the death of up to 100,000 people. It was more surreal and I kind of expected monsters to attack me from all sides all of the time. Leipzig is also a city of art and culture.  Composers Johan Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn, reformer Martin Luther or writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe spent their time here. Other than that Leipzig’s Nikolai Church at its Monday demonstrations played a central role in the fall of communism in 1989.

3. Small distances

Everything is rather small scale in Leipzig but with lots to see. You can basically walk to were ever in Leipzig. For example the main station is just on the border of the city center and there are several hotels just next to it. Unfortunately I cannot recommend one as the one, we were staying in, the Ibis hotel in a street just around the train station called “Bühl”, was really not that nice: tiny rooms and low standard while being relatively expensive. But the Motel 1 in the pedestrian area looked quite nice for an budget option. Eating out is also easy in Leipzig. The Barfussgässchen, a tiny street that leads from the big market square, is known for it’s bars. It was also the place were we had breakfast. We brunched in the Spizz, on the corner of the market square and Barfussgässchen. Service in general wasn’t the best, but food and drinks were good.

I really enjoyed the trip to Leipzig. I was even close to saying, it would be a city I could live in. But than it is city with very few jobs and it is mainly beautiful in the city center but not on the outskirts. Last but not least, but that is just such an inner German thing, people speak a horrible accent their. So, I rather stay in Düsseldorf…


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