Yarn along 33 – I’m back


Finally I’m back at the yarn along. Not because I didn’t knit, but because I had not time to blog and because my knitting went a bit like knit 1, frog 1. But here is what I did in the last few weeks:


The V-lace top is nearly finished. Really. I meant to finish it weeks ago but finally I can see the end of it. I just need a few more rows on the back, a neckband and maybe a small edge on the sleeves. I really can’t wait to finally finish this project, yet I am sick of it and don’t have much energy to finally do so. But maybe by the end of next week it will be done.


The completely frogged Pintuck-tee is growing again. I put it aside for quite a while but since last weekend I have been working on it again and really enjoy it. Even though it was frogged once it is still super duper nice and soft.


The I saw that my favourite Yarn Bomber is collection pieces for a new piece of yarn art, so I already picked colours that I want to knit with. Not sure what I want to do, but sending yarn bombing pieces is a good chance to get rid of scrap yarn and to learn new techniques.


And finally I started the first christmas knitting. I know I wanted to finish other things first but I couldn’t wait any longer. Well I followed a pattern for a bottom up knit and when I was about to integrate the sleeves I finally decided I didn’t like it. Now I knit an self-calculated dress and it his coming along well. And I really love the colors.

What are you knitting?



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