Yarn along 34 – Hexipuffs


I wanted to finish stuff last week. I did. I finished the V-lace Top but I will show you pictures maybe next week. It needs to get a little warmer for me to wear it. And then I looked up something on ravelry. And somehow stumbled over the beekeepers quilt again. And remembered that in 2013 I had vowed to knit one hexipuff a day but had stopped at about 100. But back then I had knit my own chubby formless hexipuffs. So I decided to finally buy the pattern and do proper Hexipuffs. And well this is how I spend my weekend: knitting new hexipuffs, frogging old ones.


I also decided that I won’t frog the ones that were made out of something else than sock yarn weight. They get opened up, I take out the filling and then I sew them together and they go to California to the Yarnbomber to be part of his next installation. Opening them and sewing them together is a little bit of a pain but hey, I want to make a proper contribution and not only send him tiny bits and pieces that he needs to stitch together then.


Other than that I didn’t do that much. I added a stripe on the first christmas dress and am looking forward to handing the knit over to my MIL because she said she wants to participate in the christmas knitting as it is for her grandchildren. And she said she’ll do the boring part were there is mainly stockinette stitch and only a tiny bit of construction. And the Pintuck Tee and the socks? Not much news there. I tried to do a bomerang heel while still doing colorwork. Not much of an success plus I think they get to thick anyway. So I’ll rip that part out and then it won’t take that long any more.


Linking with Ginny and the Yarn along ladys. What are you knitting?


4 thoughts on “Yarn along 34 – Hexipuffs

    • ah well, a hexipuff every now and then an in 10 years, you’ll have a cushion cover 😉 No, I know the feeling. Even 100 don’t make much. You need at least 300 for a decent blanket.

  1. Oh, I love the story of the old hexipuffs! I have a closet full of em in worsted weight too… I never make socks, so I don’t have much sock yarn but the little ones would be so much sweeter. Sigh.

    • The problem with mine was that they were of different weight and therefore of different size too. I supposse a blanket of hexipuffs all in worsted weight would be great too. You probably don’t need to stuff them too much though because the knitted layers are already thick.

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