Me made Mittwoch & Yarn Along 38


It’s been a while since I last yarned along or even participated in Me Made Mittwoch. Work got in the way and then I was on holidays last week (pictures & stories to come soon). But today I’m back and want to do a Me made Yarn Along Wednesday.


About two weeks before I went on holidays I went shopping in my lunch break. This meant as usual that I ended up in the yarn department of the nearest department store (ok, it is the only department store in all of Düsseldorf that has a yarn department…). And there I saw that many summer yarns were 50% off. Ok. I was and still am in the middle of knitting several other projects but when I saw Ashana from Schachenmayr I couldn’t help but buy some. I wanted a semi-warm summer sweater and the yarn seemed perfect for it. And after a little bit of testing I came up with a pattern I liked: overall seed stitch and overly wide shoulders which fall down to the upper arms and a bit of an relaxed positive ease.


The sweater is worked with only two seams (on the shoulders). Everything else is knit in the round and the sleeves are picked up along the arm slits. The sweater grew quickly. I only absolutely underestimated the amount of yarn I needed. I bought 10 skeins (500g) at the beginning and it was soon clear that I needed more. I bought another 5 skeins but when I was nearly finished with the second sleeve, I realised I missed one skein. I’m still not sure if this one skein is now living somewhere under or behind our couch or if I just miscalculated. But of again I went to buy a final skein. And then to my horror they had already rearranged the whole yarn department and were now sporting winter yarns. I was already about to leave (because I hadn’t memorized the name, number and dye lot to ask, if more yarn was somewhere to be found) when I saw a sales box with lots of different yarns. And there it was, my last skein!


So I managed to finish my by now super heavy sweater (750-800g!) sweater in just 1.5 weeks. I really like it but it is currently still far too warm to wear. After taking a picture this morning I took it off immediately. But when the summer passes I guess I will get a lot of wear out of it.


12 thoughts on “Me made Mittwoch & Yarn Along 38

    • Thank you! I realized I like that type of sweater too and doesn’t make me look like a ton or box just because it has no waist shaping. I might actually do some more sweaters that are not as tight fitting as my usual ones…

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