Yarn along 39 – 1 Christmas Dress down, 2 more to come


I decided to downsize my project list a little and concentrate on one topic per week. I seem to have been too distracted to actually move forward with any of my projects. This why last week I finally finished christmas present no.1, the smallest dress for Michael’s nieces. I browsed ravelry many times to find a good pattern but everything I tried wasn’t just right. I even started knitting a bottom up dress but when I came to the point to divide for the sleeves I frogged it again because it looked weird. I finally ended up the the 10 dress. I took the stitches count to cast on and the division for front, back and sleeves as my starting point and started working in my own style from there on. And here it is, my first dress. It is suppossed to be a size 4 or about 116 in German kids size. I double checked the measurements with sizes I got from a magazine and I hope this will fit. It is now blocked and ready to be store for christmas.


And because now it’s already end of September I immediately cast on no. 2. Because the neckband seems to be pretty loose for the small one, I didn’t cast on more for the size 6 dress. I can still pull it over my head which means it should definitively fit over a 5.5 year old’s head too without problems. The girls all get a different blue for the stripes. The first one goes to a light brown haired 3.5 year old and should be a fun coloured dress for her. The second one goes to a blond one which is why I chose (or ok, I made Michael choose) the lighter blue for her. Funny how changing one color makes it look so different already. The last one will be a bright blue and goes to a red head. I hope they will like it even though it is not super girly with pinks or ruffles.


I’m knitting with Drops Baby Merino. I love the yarn and it gets even better after blocking. I guess I will have quite a bit of yarn left when I have finished the dresses so I’m already thinking of what I could knit myself with such a pretty grey…

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9 thoughts on “Yarn along 39 – 1 Christmas Dress down, 2 more to come

  1. Beautiful, I love craft gifts for Christmas, it makes the gift so much more personal and you have obviously given it a lot of thought deciding the different colours of yearn to match their colouring.

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