Duisburg Landschaftspark Nord – the other sort of monument


October 3rd was German Reunification day. As it was a public holiday I had the day off. Supringly enough Michael had the day off too. But even more surpring was the fact that it was bright, sunny and warm. So we decided to go on a little trip. After some thoughts we decided to go to Duisburg’s Landschaftspark Nord. I had been there before as I studied in Duisburg. But the last time I went there was about 9 years ago. And it was a good choice to go.

The Landscape Park Duisburg Nord extends over a wast area and celebrates the industrial heritage of the Ruhr region. The industrial facilities at the centre of the 1905 opened complexhave been put to a wide variety of uses after the closing of the facilites in 1985. Since the opening of the park in 1994 the huge buildings of the former ironworks have been equipped to cater for cultural and corporate functions. For example the ore storage bunkers have been turned into a alpine climbing garden. After tearing down many side building a huge part of the area has been turned into a more or less landscaped park. This was super beautiful in the sun and all the autumn colours.

The buildings are a bizarre mixture of tubes with lots of rusting metall. But to tell the truth in a weird kind of way the green anti-rust paint together with the red rust blend together perfectly with all the green that is now growing in between. Nature is taking over again. It is a cool and yet apocalyptic area. One of the three blast furnaces which have been preserved today, blast Furnace 5, is accessible for everyone. You can climb it on outside stairs. It helped to know that shortly before the closure of the works it was given a complete overhaul and is therefore in a good state of preservation. I actually made it all the way up this viewing tower. And I tell you, the views are spectacular: green and industry going hand in hand as far as the eye can see. A bizzare sight. But this thing is high. And I’m not the one for heights even though I always enjoy the view. But I was surpringly brave as you might see on the picture.

If you are in the region and want to see something different, this is your place to go. By the way, one of the best things is: this place is free. So you can just go and explore!


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