And what do you do today? We go to a monastry.


I just realised that I forgot this post here from our last holiday. So before I start writing about our road trip I want to share with you a few more pictures from Portugal: After our first surf lesson, Ulrike and I had some extra power so we decided to go on another sight seeing trip while the others were still in the water. We chose a destination a little but closer to Praia da Area Branca: Alcobaça, a small town, about 40km away.

Alcobaça is famous for its world heritage monastry that we wanted to see but first of all we had real problems getting there. There were lots of new roads around town and our GPS lost completely it’s way. After following the GPS and ending up outside of Alcobaça again, we decided we would now simply follow the road signs which proved to be far easier.

Quickly we found a car park close to the city center. From there we only had to cross the small river that runs through Alcobaça and then entered the city center, which looked a bit run-down but non the less beautiful. Straight on into the city you find the back walls of the Monastry that really looked super run down from outside. We went around and could enter the church from the main plaza. The church inside was nice and we decided that even though the place looked not to exciting that we would pay the 6€ entry fee and entered the monastry.

What we found was surprising. The inside was super well preserved. But all rooms were empty. And this makes me always wonder what the room was like when it was in use. As impressive as a building may be, but without an idea of its function it is only half as interesting.

After seeing the monastry we had our usual coffee break and delicious queijadas. Around the corner of the main plaza in front of the monastry is a smaller plaza with a bakery which also has a few tables on the plaza. I had a delicious mini cake there which was, as we later found out, filled with pumpkin, grounded almonds und lots of sugar. I wish I could find a recipe to make them at home!

After all Alcobaça was nice but not a place you need to go to if it doesn’t happen to lie on your way. But if it does, stop and take a look around and don’t forget to have some lovely sweet treats


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