On the road – Passau


Our next stop after the Allgäu was Thyrnau near Passau. We spent three wellness days in the Parkschloessl Hotel with very relaxing sauna hours, lots of sleeping and three meals a day. Now while it was very nice it was nothing really to write home about. The hotel and its spa area was very clean, but what was missing was a general line in styles. You could see lots of styles, from very traditional old style rooms and restaurant with lots of yellow and red to a turkish style spa and a few other mixes in between. And I have to say that the service in the restaurant was not very attentive and nice. Or maybe at least not to everyone. The food on the other hand was not excellent but pretty ok: Breakfast buffet, a small soup, salat and cake lunch and a menufor dinner.

On our last day there we went to nearby Passau with its Baroque old town for an afternoon. Passau was one city were I could have studied the same that I ended up studying in Duisburg. But I have to say I’m pretty happy I didn’t go there. The old town is really nice. It has a great cathedral with an impressive organ and lots of nice old houses as well as a castle on the other side of the Donau. But first of all there are masses of tourists roaming the streets. This most likely due to the fact that Passau is the starting point for river cruises down the Danube to Vienna and the like. Plus people here talk with an accent that I definitively have problems understanding them.

The city is also weirdly close to its two or rather three rivers, Danube, Inn and Ils. With the river being exactly as high as the river promenade, no wonder they are experiencing  bad flooding again and again. The last one occured last year and you can still see many closed shops and downstairs rooms being renovated. The water really seems to have been high.

An while we really got a liking for going to the sauna, we were relaxed enough to now cross the border to Czech Republic and to conquer Prague.


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