Yarn along 47 – oh goodness


I’ve been quite absent from my blog and from the Yarn Alongs lately. Have I not been knitting? Well I have been knitting for sure. But not as much as I used to. I admit, I have been painting my nails and concentrating on my nails blog a lot lately. And Wednesdays came and went and usually on Wednesday I would think: “Oh that was Wednesday again. I’ll join the next Yarn Along.” This Wednesday night I decided: “No, I will join the Yarn along again even if it will be Thursday by the time this post is finished!” And here I am.


What have I knitting in the past weeks? I showed you my Standing Stones Cowl  in my last Yarn Along post already. Since then I finished my second girl’s dress. Or rather I did the upper part with collar and the sleeves and then let my MIL do the rest. It is really convenient if you can give away a knitted piece when it comes to the boring part. I just added another stripe and the hemline and did the cleaning up. Of course I would have done the increases a little bit differently but that is ok. It was a win-win situation. She participated in the gift for her grandchildren and I could do only the more interesting parts. So now I’m working on the upper part of the third dress. By next monday I guess I can hand that dress over to her too. And then my christmas knitting is done.


Other than that I have been working a bit on the black red square socks. But honestly, I really dislike the projec. It just takes so much time. But I guess I should finish at least one sock soon so that I can start no.2 and then finish them one day. At the moment I can tell Michael that his socks come a close second after the christmas dresses but soon I need another excuse.


One of my personal excuses is that I am also knitting on a new oversized sweater. I want to do a sweater like my seed stitch sweater just a bit longer. Oversized sweaters are fashionable right now and I do like them. This english rib sweater with a v-shape on the front should be really nice. It is just that oversized sweaters are always a bit of a challenge for me. I have something that you could call a sandshape figure if you want to be nice or big boobs and a big ass and a little fat around the belly (something I’m working against, soon…) if you wanted to be honest. This means oversized sweater, if they are not super huge, sit rather fitted around my bust and my hips. If they are not well made this means they make me look like a barrel and hide my best features. Well, I’m trying to make my sweater pretty loose and soft so it looks oversized and still moves around my body to show my features. It takes its time to finish it. We’ll see.


The sweater  and the socks take their time because I have knitted a few hexipuffs in the last days but also because I decided that it is now finally time for a new hat. I could use a new hat when cycling to work. And my hat from last year is still a little warm. And because I had that one skein of Malabrigo Silky Merino in the colorway Cumparsita, I decided to use it. Now I’m making a Lotus hat and am pretty sure that I will manage to finish it with that one skein. You’ll get to see the finished hat next week (hopefully).

But now, let’s see what you did for this week’s Yarn along.


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