Happy New Year – A few resolutions

Taken from http://sunsetwatersportskeywest.com/blog/?tag=fireworks

It has been very quiet here in the last few weeks. This was due to lots of work, then Christmas and the New Year’s. This meant I was busy with christmas parties, getting presents, finishing presents, going to see my family then Michael’s family – just generally being busy. Now it is the 2015 and even though 2014 was not a bad year, I want 2015 to be better. And this is why I put together a few resolutions for the New Year and I want to share them with you. Maybe that helps me to follow them a bit better:

  1. I want to get things done more directly. In 2014 I let a lot of thing slide. I wanted to do something and then just didn’t. Last year was extremely busy at work. Basically throughout the whole year. 2015, I guess, will be similar. But I noticed the busier it got at work, the more time I spent on my sofa. I was just too tired to go out, meet friends or do more than the general things that need to be done. I want to change that. This was also something Michael and I talked about. We need to spend our few evenings that we have together in different ways, not (always) just sitting and watching tv. As a good start I did my annual tax declaration yesterday. Mind you, the one for 2013 but nonetheless. The one for 2014 will follow soon.
  2. I want to spend more time with other people. This is part of resolution no. 1 in a way. But it is important. I miss meeting friends. This needs to change.
  3. I want to do more sports. Let’s face it: I’ve never been a sporty person. But for some time I was able to overcome that at least a little and went to the gym on a regular basis. But I haven’t in 2014. I can probably count the times I went to the gym last year on two hands. And my attempts to work out at home didn’t really work out either. But I noticed that even though I didn’t really gain lots of weight, I got chubby. I’m invited to a wedding in Sri Lanka at the end of February and that means beach season in Sri Lanka. And generally being a bit fitter would do me good. So far this has work out pretty well but then it is only Day 3…
  4. Last but not least a blog resolution: I want to focus again on this blog. Since I started my nail blog, lots of focus (and nail painting time) has gone there. I want to revive this blog here and being in Sri Lanka for 2.5 weeks will definitively help with that, I guess.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?


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