Yarn Along 2/15 – Looking back, looking forward


Happy New Year fellow Yarn Alongers! I hope you had a nice christmas and a nice New Year’s Eve and that your started chilled out as mine did. Now I’m back to work but one of my New Year’s resolutions says that I want to focus again a bit more on this blog so this is why you get a long Yarn Along post today. I want to give you a little resume on what I knit in 2014 and then give you a sneak peak into what I am knitting now.

First of all: I started 30 projects in 2014 of which I finished 27 so far. Out of these there were 5 pairs of socks, 4 were shawls or cowls, 8 where baby or kids projects and all of them were gifts, 3 out of them where co-productions with my MIL, 2 were for Michael and 8 projects where tops, sweaters or cardigans and, oh how selfish this sounds, all for myself. If you want to see them all check out my ravelry page. Here I’m only going to show you my favorites cronically:

the-sweater-completelyThe all in one piece cabled sweater in a super light weight merino lovelyness.


Long My cup of tea socks were a very long project, at least for socks


Then my first real lace weight shawl, the Out of the darkness shawl.


Another project that got finished this summer was the lattice top, a project out of yarn that had been knit and frogged and knit and frogged back and forth.


I wanted to do the harvest cardigan for some time. Seeing the picture I guess I need to work on my pictures though…


The second last thing on my list is probably the thing most worn so far: The standing stones cowl.


Last but not least the three kids dresses that I knit together with my MIL. I knit the upper body and the sleeves and she knit the skirt part.

I aim to finish all WIPs of last year and one from 2013, mind you, in 2015. But of course I already started two more projects already. So here is a list of my WIPs that wait to be finished from oldest to newest:

  • The tree of light shawl: Yes, one day I’m going to finish it, really…
  • The pintuck tee: Yes, I nearly finished it, then frogged it complete. I restarted and then, well then it was time for the kids dresses. Currently on hold it will get finished this year, for sure.
  • The black and red square socks: One is done and for the other one I’m half way through the upper half. If I am a busy bee this gets finished by the end of the months
  • The oversized red sweater: It is a boring knit, that is the problem… But it will look nice in the end, I’m sure.
  • The new kid: The Aiken sweater. I got two super lovely skeins of Australia Skein Artisan Yarn which is a blend of merino and cashmere and fingering weight for christmas. What do you do with two 100g skeins? It is too much to just be a hat but other than that? Then I wound my yarn and it looked a lot. I checked the yardage at it is a crazy 437 yards per 100g and so I checked patterns. I finally calculated it would be enough for an Aiken sweater. The yarn is far thinner than required in the pattern though. So I calculated how much smaller my gauge was and than multiplied that with the bust measurements the other sizes were meant fro to find out what size I would need to knit instead to get my actual size. I would need a size M but am now knitting a size XL instead to accomodate the sizing problem. And it seams to work pretty well. I changed a bit when I joined the sweater under the arms because adding about 12 stitches under each arm felt far to big and it would have been, having tried it one several times now. I’m already more than half way through the body and then I need to recalculate my sleeve stitches because of the changes I made.

I’ve been reading quite a lot lately. I finished Winter of the World, the second book in Ken Follet’s triology which was, as the first one, a page turner. If you are into historic novels and the big ones, then I can highly recommend these books. And I have already finished both books I got for christmas: My brother gave me the new Tote Hosen Book, which was highly interesting (but probably only for Germans with an interest in Die Toten Hosen and yesterday night I finished The Midnight Palace by Carlos Ruiz Zafón which was a christmas gift by a friend of mine. Let’s see what comes next.

Linking with Ginny and the Yarn Along ladys, what are you knitting and reading?


6 thoughts on “Yarn Along 2/15 – Looking back, looking forward

  1. You have been a very busy knitter!! And I am totally amazed that you and your MIL shared a knit project? How on earth did you match your knit tensions? If I tried that there would be a definitive line where she started!

    • Thank you. I don’t know but for some reason my MIL and me, we have the same knitting tension. I have finished two projects for her befoe and you wouldnt see where I started and she ended so we thought, this would work the other way round too and it perfectly did. But I know what you mean. Sharing a project with my mum or grandma would look weird as they knit totally differently than me.

  2. Wow – what allot you have accomplished! Those are great knits, I love the dresses. I also wanted to thank you for leaving that tip on Fair Isle knitting on my blog! That is ingenious and I am going to certainly give it a try!

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