Arranging my sewing


I felt like sewing on the weekend. I’ve been wanting to do a circle skirt for quite some time and now that I’m knitting an Aiken sweater which is very 50’s style I thought I should definitively start with the matching skirt. I have had a plaided fabric (you can best see it on the third picture, at the upper middle, or 12 o’clock so to speak of the table) for quite some time now and it would match perfectly with my Aiken. But I needed some lining material, so I went shopping. And as usual I didn’t only come home with some lining material but with 4.2m of a nice apricot-red fabric with big flowers on it (hey, it was only 3,50€ the meter and cutting the 4.2m that were left of it apart seemed too cruel…) and some prune fabric with light rose circles (not really polka dots but similar) that was on sale too.

there-is-a lot-of-stuff

I mean, not that I don’t have like loads and loads of bigger and small left overs from this and that project here and there. It is in a big under the bed storage thingy that lives under our sofa. After shopping (yes, probably not the best order of things) I went through my stash and found several unfinished things and some more fabric that waits to be turned into something. I decided to check the projects and group fabric with patters and then finish half finished things first before going into a new, probably also never to be finished project.


I started with something that has being sitting in my drawer for over two years now: a purple dress made of a soft and flowery fabric. I had worked on it in 2012 and stopped somewhere in between. Then I did some more in 2013 and then it didn’t fit as it should and frustrated I cast it aside. I could only remember that it had something to do with the sleeves. And so I didn’t even touch it in 2014. When I took it out I realised it was as good as finished. I tried it on. It fit. So I started doing the fiddly small work that you have to do by hand, closing little holes where the pockets are sewn into the seam and at the back zipper. I added a small button on the back and attached the inner yoke with invisible stitches. Then I tried it on again. Now I saw what the problem was: the shoulder part was too wide, making the puffy sleeves not sitting puffily on my shoulders but somewhere on my upper arm. I remembered that I had wanted to take the sleeves off again, cut out the arm part far more and reattach the sleeves again. Lots of work – arghh. But then I thought: why not add a few tuckings on the shoulder? And this is what I did. Now I only need to fix the hemline and the wristbands and it is finally done. Unfortunately I need help with the hemline. Someone needs to to pin it in a fitting session. Not too sure who this will be. But I have two potentials in mind. Plus I seem to have lost the matching thread along the way and need new one. But I’m positive to finish this project in 2015…

Next came a skirt that I started in the summer of 2013. To be honest I realised only now that it was as good as finished. It only needed a pinned and sewn hemline. For skirts I can do that myself. I measure them from the waistband done and take 1-2cm more for the back. Now I only need to add buttons and this shiny silver straw silk skirt is finished.

Then I added sleeves to a dress that I wanted to make for the holidays in Portugal last September. It was meant to fit with a sweater that later turned out very heavy and warm and would actually not work that well with the very thin fabric. I cut it according to an 70’s nightie from my mum that I saved from getting thrown out years back. Unfortunately, as I realised when finally trying it on, the dress, that I thought would look cute as a proper dress, looks like, guess what, a nightie, especially with the fabric I chose. It now only needs sewing on the collar, fixing the hemline and adding the wristbands. But I’m not too sure if I will work on that project soon again because it might end up being a nightie and this has absolutely now priority.


The next projects will be a vaistcoat for this year’s carnivals costume. I plan on going as the evil Snow Queen, something I have a costume for from 2013’s christmas party. But as carnival means being outside a lot and the costume was meant as an inside costume, I need a little bit of warmth for my upper body. I plan on assembling a waistcoat from the left over parts of my princess cape . Carnival is in mid February so I better look for a pattern and start sewing soon. But then the good thing on carnival costumes is that they just need to look good on the outside but don’t need to be perfectly sewn and look good from the inside too.


And I want to sew a dress that I have so far only cut out. It is a simple shift dress that I have done before but it should be quite elegant in this dusty rose straw silk material. The colour doesn’t really show well on the photo. It is far less yellow and more dusty. It might be the perfect dress to wear for the wedding in Sri Lanka that I’m invited too end of February, elegant but easy to take with me. But together with the other projects this might get a bit difficult, timewise. Maybe I have to shift priorities…


When I have done all that, including the circle skirt, I would like to make a blouse from this cute white fabric with small red and blue polka dots. I inherited the fabric from my mum. And I think my mum either got it from my greatgrandmother’s stash when she died years back or bought it herself even more years back. It looks like from the 70’s but it is still good and will make a nice blouse, I’m sure.


This still leaves me with 4.2m of a summery flower fabric and some dotted piece of cotton but hey, some more fabric in my stash won’t hurt, will it? I’m already thinking about maybe turning it into a kimono. I’ve always wanted a fancy dressing gown. But judging on this long blog post, maybe in 2016.


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