Yarn Along 4/15 – No knitting


I didn’t get much knitting done this week due to a huge sewing effort I made on the weekend. And this is why today you get to see fabric instead of yarn today. By the way this also means this is not only a Yarn Along post but also Me Made Mittwoch worthy. As I already mentioned in my sewing post last monday, I’m facing different projects and last weekend I spend my time, starting, working on AND finishing one of them: My costume matter.


The situation is this: I have a huge box with costumes and want to reuse one of them this year: the snow queen. Now the costume I have is more of a indoor costume and carnival in Düsseldorf is more of an outdoor thing. But carnival starts on the 12th of February making it a cold weather event and I’m old and wise enough to dress in layers that keep me warm outside and that I can shed when inside and not go half naked as some people tend to do. I have a long and wide skirt (can be made outdoorsy by wearing pants underneath), a small top and a fake fur shrug. This means that I needed something warm between shrug and top (oh and maybe I’ll get a corsett as well but I’ll buy that one if I decide on that). I had many bits and pieces leftover from my princess dress and decided to turn them into a vest. I even bought a pattern for this. It is NR. 7647-S from Simplicity. Now I already expected to be quite short on fabric but I ended up really patchworking bits and pieces together to get the shapes I needed.


But I actually really like the look this is creating. Putting together the pieces was more work than actually sewing them together in the end. But it also meant that I could totally fit the vest to my body because making another seam didn’t show. There were so many anyway. I then shortend the vest quite a lot because I will wear the skirt at least waist high and the vest only need to cover the top of the skirt a little. The good thing about this was, that I then had enough fabric to make a collar. I also realised that the fabric without lining would be too thin to really keep me warm. Good that I have some more stash. I found a fleece fabric that my mum had made us winter coats of back than in the early 90s… Now the vest is super fitted, warm and cosy. Plus the good thing about lining is that you don’t see all the seams because they disappear between the layers.


Finally I added the last nine buttons from my princess dress and it was done. You shouldn’t look to closely on the places where lining and vest are joint but hey, it is a costume so this is perfectly fine. I will show you the full costume with make up and asseccories on the 11th by the way. Now I can happily return to my knitting before I need to face my wedding guest dress if I want to wear it on the 27th of February.

Happy Yarn Along and Me Made Mittwoch to all of you!


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