Sri Lanka, the start and a first day of travel


Yeah, we are currently in the middle of nowhere, somewhere near Sigirya in the jungle and they have finally proper internet. It is kind of exciting to be able to connect with people outside of Sri Lanka again. So I can now show you some first impressions from Sri Lanka where I am on a two weeks trip starting with a wedding on our second day. I’m travelling with the girls as Michael didn’t get days off but I wouldn’t miss my best friend’s wedding.


We arrived in Colombo after a hassle-free Emirates flight with a two hours stop-over in Dubai on Thursday morning. Immigration and baggage claim was a quick thing too so we were off in the taxi to our resort within an hour or so. Tine, the bride, had organised the resort for us. Fortunately I had printed out the location from google maps as our taxi driver had no idea how to get to Kumudu Valley Resort, our ok value location. The resort sits at the banks of a river and is a five minutes walk from an absolutely empty beach but we didn’t spend much time there.


We only spend Thursday in the resort chilling out and getting rid of our jetlag and on Friday it was already time for the wedding which took place in a very posh resort, a ten minutes drive to the south, called Ranweli Resort. As some friends and the wedding couple stayed there we were already invited for a morning tea the day of the wedding and could spend the whole day there. It was really nice and a very funny way to get to know the other guests (or at least the European ones) before the ceremony when we were all swimming first in the sea and then in the pool.


By afternoon it was time to do the bride’s hair and make-up which was my job. I think I never curled and hairsprayed that much hair. But it was absolutely worth it. At around six pm the registration took place and a few speeches later we cod head for a tasty Sri Lankan buffet. Contrary to European believes a wedding is a far quicker thing in Sri Lanka than e.g. in Germany. Having started around five most guests left already at ten and so we were also off to bed by half past midnight.


This was a good thing as we were to leave on Saturday by 11 am. We woke up at around 9 am and now had time for a shower, packing and a good breakfast before heading to our tour. The tour was organized by the newly weds for all guests who wanted to see a bit more of Sri Lanka after travelling so far just for one wedding party.


Our part-time guide, the groom & only Sri Lankan on the tour was very positive that we would be able to see a forest monastery in our way to our first stop, Singirya. But with loads of roadworks and therefore loads of traffic it took us basically forever to even Singirya, so we were dropped at our hotel (we stayed in two different places because we are so many) already in the dark in what seemed the middle of the jungle.


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