Down to Galle


Wednesday was our travel day. We had a late start as we spend some time in Nuwara Eliya’s botanical garden. But then we had to go down from 2,000m to sea level in one serpentine after another. What was interesting at the beginning became tiresome and then nearly dangerous as we entered a tropical downpour that really slowed us down. After all it took 8.5 hours to get to Galle.

…and here WordPress killed my post while uploading it. And because I don’t feel like redoing it now you mainly get pictures and rather short notes coming with them. So first of all, we stayed in Unawatuna, Galle’s beach suburb, which is not the nicest because it is somehow overdeveloped. But it was nice for taking a bath.


Galle Fort was 6 km away and is a cooking pot during midday and this was when we visited. And as I didn’t drink enough either I got a bit of a heat stroke which meant I left early and took a local Bus to Unawatuna.


2l of water, an aspirin and an hour of rest later, I was ok enough for our last week as a group which we celebrated with a last dinner together. The next morning we split up. While many went back to Colombo to go home, I travelled with four friends on to Mirissa.


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