I’m back with news and new projects


It’s been a while since I even logged into this blog. Two month to be precise. I didn’t even finish my posts on Sri Lanka. In the beginning this was because once back work kick in and I didn’t find time to write anything. But soon it was because I broke up with Michael and moved out. While after a five year relationship this was hard, it has been the right decision and since a bit over a month I’m living on my own again and now I feel ready to blog again and start with joining Ginny and the Yarn Along Ladies.


So, what is new on the project front? Well, as soon as I knew where I was moving, this affected my crafting as well. First of all it finally made me finish that pair of color work socks I had started for Michael over a year ago. I didn’t plan on bringing them to my new flat, so I spend quite some time to finally get them done. They were kind of a farewell gift but the good thing is that he likes them and they look really fancy so I didn’t do them for nothing.


Next I was thinking about my new flat. As soon as I new where I was moving I was starting to create color schemes in my head. I wanted my new flat to be extra nice with thought through rooms. For my bed room I chose a girly color scheme with lots of mint and a bit of peach. So I went fabric shopping to sew some cushions and with some left over fabric I did a mobile case. I love the neon color. It it such a pick me up color and if I can stand it any longer one day, I just get some other fabric and change the look again.


Next came the kitchen. The kitchen will get a bit of an ethno look (only a bit) with my favourite color scheme being a deep red like my Kitchen Aid and a very bright turquoise. I have had this t-shirt yarn for quite some time. Now I used the red one, which fit my chosen red pretty well. I turned it into a door mat as my kitchen window door goes out to the balcony which is, for some reason also extra dirty and the kitchen floor is tiled in white (who does that anyway?). And call me obsessed but I wanted matching pot holders so I went shopping for yarn in the closest in color to my chosen ones and made new potholders. I just also finished an oven mitt. Next thing on my list is painting the chairs and then new cushions for my chairs. I’m not too sure if I will sew something as that would be more durable or if I’ll knit them as I really can’t find any fabric to match either my colours or the style I’m looking for.


Of course I’m knitting something for myself too. After reworking and reworking the Pin-Tuck Shirt again and again I finally decided that it would never be like I wanted and frogged the whole thing. I’m now working on a classic 50s design which proves to be very time consuming but will sure look very nice. It already feels like it.

Once I’m done I’ll take you through my new flat with all its handmade or upcycled stuff because I’m already now pretty happy with how it is turning out.


Yarn along 3/15 – All WIPs


Today I’m going to show you all this stuff that I’ve been working on and that are WIPs or in some cases rather UFOs that I want to finish in 2015. I know I already talked about them last week but this week I have pictures for you as well.

I’m going to start with my Aiken sweater. I told you about the sizing topic in my last Yarn Along post. Since I started it around New Year’s, I have been going strong on it. The body is now finished. I bound off my hemline stitches with a special methods that is rather sewn and not knit. In my directions that I have it is called the Italian Cast off method. When I google this I get something similar on youtube but not exactly the same. It basically is a very stretchy bind off that only works with k1,p1 hemlines. It does take lots of time but I think it looks quite nice. Now I need to integrate the sleeves. And when I look at the yarn that I have left I’m pretty positive to get about medium long sleeves out of it.


I’m also working on my Q socks. I want to finish those time eaters. Every time I have time enough to knit a full pattern repeat (14 rows but feeling like 100) I do so. I need two more pattern repeats before starting to turn the heel and from there on some concentration on making the cubes slowly disappear on the upper front.


Next to a knitting resolution for 2015 (again like in 2013 and 2014, yes I know…). What I want to do is to knit a hexipuff a day. So far this works well but also because I counted the ones that I did over the holidays into 2015 already. They are a great project when travelling because I can take several mini skeins with me in this tiny glasses bag and knit one at a time. Of course I then need to close them without filling and reopen them at home to fill them, but that’s ok.


Now to some dormant projects: The oversized sweater is the way I left it in 2014. Eventually, probably when I have finished the Aiken sweater, I will move back to this project. Or maybe I will move directly on to some more summery knits that lie dormant here too, like the Pin tuck Tee that I forgot to take a picture of this morning.


When rummaging through my project bags I also found this lace cowl I started to match the girls’ dresses. I did not put it yet into ravelry and didn’t save the pattern in my library so at the moment I have absolutely no idea what the pattern was called. But I’m going to look it up for next week. I’m not too sure if I want to continue with this cowl as I don’t know if I want to make one for each girl for next year and otherwise I don’t know who to give it too as the rest of my turquoise skein will only last long enough to make a small child’s cowl. Maybe I rip this out and turn all the left overs into something completely else. We’ll see.


Last but not least there is the “ever since I bought that yarn long term project” called Tree of light shawl… It has been sleeping in a drawer for quite some time now but I think when I have finished the socks which are a high concentration project I could move back to the shawl so it gets finished one day.

As for reading I am currently reading a book Michael got for his birthday which is called “Kruso” by Lutz Seiler. It is a highly awarded book from last year and said to be very poetical. To be honest, to me it feels like one of these “high literature” books that I read about once a year to be able to say I did something for my education. It is ok so far but I honestly enjoy entertaining books more…

Joining with Ginny and the Yarn Along ladys.



Yarn Along 2/15 – Looking back, looking forward


Happy New Year fellow Yarn Alongers! I hope you had a nice christmas and a nice New Year’s Eve and that your started chilled out as mine did. Now I’m back to work but one of my New Year’s resolutions says that I want to focus again a bit more on this blog so this is why you get a long Yarn Along post today. I want to give you a little resume on what I knit in 2014 and then give you a sneak peak into what I am knitting now. Continue reading