Yarn Along 2/15 – Looking back, looking forward


Happy New Year fellow Yarn Alongers! I hope you had a nice christmas and a nice New Year’s Eve and that your started chilled out as mine did. Now I’m back to work but one of my New Year’s resolutions says that I want to focus again a bit more on this blog so this is why you get a long Yarn Along post today. I want to give you a little resume on what I knit in 2014 and then give you a sneak peak into what I am knitting now. Continue reading


Yarn along 47 – oh goodness


I’ve been quite absent from my blog and from the Yarn Alongs lately. Have I not been knitting? Well I have been knitting for sure. But not as much as I used to. I admit, I have been painting my nails and concentrating on my nails blog a lot lately. And Wednesdays came and went and usually on Continue reading

Yarn along 39 – 1 Christmas Dress down, 2 more to come


I decided to downsize my project list a little and concentrate on one topic per week. I seem to have been too distracted to actually move forward with any of my projects. This why last week I finally finished christmas present no.1, the smallest dress for Michael’s nieces. I browsed ravelry many times to find a good pattern but everything I tried wasn’t just right. I even started knitting a Continue reading