On the road – Passau


Our next stop after the Allgäu was Thyrnau near Passau. We spent three wellness days in the Parkschloessl Hotel with very relaxing sauna hours, lots of sleeping and three meals a day. Now while it was very nice it was nothing really to write home about. The hotel and its spa area was very clean, but what was missing was a general line in styles. You could see lots of styles, from very Continue reading


Duisburg Landschaftspark Nord – the other sort of monument


October 3rd was German Reunification day. As it was a public holiday I had the day off. Supringly enough Michael had the day off too. But even more surpring was the fact that it was bright, sunny and warm. So we decided to go on a little trip. After some thoughts we decided to go to Duisburg’s Continue reading